Week 44

Let this be a lesson.

If you think this is hot…

If you think this is hot…

My training has continued as planned, focus on short distances, improve my 5K before moving back onto marathon training, build strength and speed.

A couple years ago, I was training for the Chicago Marathon. Part of my plan was to race a half marathon 8ish weeks before the 26.2. The weekend of the half was also the weekend of the Baker’s Revenge Trail race. I was on my feet for roughly 48 hours straight, give or take a few hours, leading up to the race. The car ride to the Rock and Roll Philly Half was the biggest break I’d gotten all weekend. My performance in the race was less than stellar, not terrible but definitely not what I had trained for.

Flash forward to this weekend. I signed up to run the Fitzgerald’s 5K Lager Run because it’s one of my favorite races of the year and I need to replace last year’s pint glass that the bakery intern shattered. Friday morning, I started working on pizza prep as soon as the kids were on the bus to school. I stood outside in front of the oven, in the heat until 7pm when the last pizza was sold and then I got to go inside to bake for a couple more hours before calling it quits. Saturday morning, I started back at it around 4am, helping with doughnuts before I got a quick shakeout run in and then I packed the kids up to go to the lake so I could make up my swim I missed earlier in the week (crappy weather). I got back to the bakery around noon, just in time to start preparations for another night of pizzas.

Sunday morning I was on the 2am shift which was roughly 5 hours after I got out of the bakery Saturday night. I finished up the doughnuts and the bread baking and went home for a nap around 8am. I was hosting a private pizza party at 7pm. Most of the rest of the day was spent preparing toppings, salads and desserts for the event.

I snuck out of the bakery around 5:30pm with just enough time to jog to the starting line of the race. It was HOT. I wasn’t prepared for the sweat fest. I decided to go out fast and see how long I could hang on. After the first mile, I gave up. It wasn’t the normal, I can’t breathe kind of give up, it was a new, I can’t pick up my legs kind of give up. They were sooo heavy and the air was sooo thick. I just couldn’t push any harder. In the end, I got my pint glass and it was the fastest time I’ve run this course but it wasn’t the performance I trained for. Immediately after finishing, I jogged back to the bakery just in time to start making pizzas for the party. By 9pm, I was ready to melt into my pillow for the next 6-8 hours.

This was a big lesson to me, one I didn’t learn after the Philly Half. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t have run the race. The bakery is what it is. If this were a goal race, I could have gotten better coverage for myself, made for less work and less time on my feet but it wasn’t that serious. It was more important, in this case, for me to be committed to my number 1. I had fun at the race but I tried a little too hard to cram a little too much into one weekend and I wish I was a little better at prioritizing as these opportunities come along.

Lesson learned.

….try this!

….try this!

Weekly Training Log




RUN 6x400 @ 1:45, 2x800 @ 3:30


BIKE 1:06 Tempo Ride


RUN: 45:00 recovery


SWIM: 1700 Recovery

PIZZA: 144 pies sold out in 90 minutes!


RUN: 25:00 shakeout plus strides

SWIM: Randolph Lake - 2 laps, 1800yds


BIKE: 30:00 loosen up

RUN: Fitzgerald’s 5K 23:18 Course PR

Friday Night Pizza & Music @ Montclair Bread Co.

Friday Night Pizza & Music @ Montclair Bread Co.