Week 30


There aren’t many things in life you get a second chance to complete. This week was everything last week was not. It was calm, at least by my standards, I completed my scheduled training plan and I hit all my objectives.

Monday: SWIM 500s, 6x75p, 4x50d, 4x100, 4x125

After frying doughnuts for a couple hours at the bakery, I arrived at the Y just after the pools opened. It was nice seeing different faces in the pool.

Tuesday: RUN 5x1K @ 7:00 pace

Thankfully, I didn’t have to try to run this workout on the Vegas strip again but rather the Brookdale Park track. Everything went as planned.

Wednesday: SWIM 2100; BIKE 55:00 workout

I got my swim in early and, in lieu of my bike workout, I spent 3 hours getting re-fit to my bike. After my accident, I traded in my bike for a new one. My bike was unscathed in the fall but I wanted a fresh start. At the time of my purchase, my body wasn’t still in good riding shape and a fitting would have been pointless. Now that all my limbs are moving properly, it was time. Arland M. took hit time to go over every angle of my geometry and he adjusted my bike perfectly. I learned a lot about my physical composition and about proper bike positioning along the way. My left leg is slightly shorter than my right. I’m not sure if that was always the case or a result of the trauma.

Thursday: RUN 4mi tempo

Just when I thought I couldn’t go another mile, Brian happened to be running by. He turned around and ran the last 7:45 mile with me and I was able to finish out the workout strong.

Friday: BAKE 3AM

I’ve been spending more time focusing on quality control. No, I’m not eating more doughnuts, I’m just frying more of them myself and shaping bread and mixing dough….

Saturday: RUN 1:20 minutes

Early, easy miles to finish off the week…completed as planned!