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Runner's World - January 2018

One Pretty Sweet Club



New York Times - February 2016

The first time Rachel Crampsey wrote her name, it was in buttercream. “Before I could hold a pencil, I could hold a pastry bag,” said Ms. Crampsey, the owner and head baker of the Montclair Bread Company in Montclair.


Bake Magazine - December 2015

It’s late October on a day that is shaping into an abnormal but ordinary one in the crazy life of artisan baker Rachel Crampsey. Her retail donut and bread shop, Montclair Bread Co. is putting the finishing touches on a 1,300-square-foot central bakery that is set to begin operations in a few days, on the same weekend when Crampsey is gearing up to open a second retail location at the downtown library, take delivery on her first electric-powered food truck, escort her three children (ages 7, 6 and 4) to Halloween parties Saturday night and, oh by the way, run the New York City Marathon on Sunday.