Week 33

Cherry Blossom 10K


The 2015 Cherry Blossom 10K was the second race I’d ever run. My first was the Sleepy Hallow Half Marathon which was a month before. I had a blast running with my closest mom friends. A year later, Anne and I used the race to put the Fueled by Doughnuts Running Club on the map. We made goodie bags for all our runners and handed them out at the finish line. In 2017 I raced the 10K for the second time and set my still unbroken 10K PR.

I had high hopes for this year’s race. The weather was forecast to be perfect. My training has been solid. In the back of my head, I thought I could set a new PR. My plan was to start out slow and try to shave 5 seconds off each mile until the end. I hit all my targets until Mile 4…I just couldn’t pick it up but I held on. By mile 5 I was slowing and mile 6 was a struggle. I crossed the finish line 10 seconds over my PR time and I knew I gave it all I had to give. I didn’t mentally quit like I’ve done in so many races, I fought to stick with it the best I could. My legs were heavy. I could feel the stiffness in my left hip and thigh.

I was feeling a little blah, disappointed I couldn’t shave those 10 seconds off…just 5 seconds faster in the last two miles would have gotten me to my goal. Then, I ran into Hugo who reminded me 7 months ago, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t even sit up on my own! My emotions got the best of me and suddenly, I felt my disappointment turn into joy and elation. I was so happy to be able to run in one of my favorite races with so many of my favorite people. Sure, it wasn’t my best or a new record but I held my own. It was a solid performance.

I thought back to 2017 when I ran my fastest 10K and I remembered the aftermath. I strained my tendon and had to take weeks off of training. My spring goal race was downgraded because of it. I spent the rest of the year in and out of PT nursing strains, tweaky muscles and achy joints. Aside from the nerve damage I’m still experiencing, I have no mechanical issues. I feel balanced and strong.

Weekly Training Log


Plan: SWIM 2150

Reality: BAKE 3AM


Plan: RUN 3x 1000 @ race pace

Reality: Got the first lap in and my watch froze even though it was a balmy 29F. Ran for effort on the second two.


Plan: SWIM 1800; BIKE 60:00 workout

Reality: Done and Done!


Plan: RUN 45 minutes

Reality: Check!


Plan: Rolling & Stretching

Reality: BAKE 3am, 5am, 7am - continuous check-ins with the staff to make sure everything is going as planned with intermittent napping


Plan: RUN 35:00 plus 5x30 sec strides

Reality: Done!

Sunday: Race Day!

My first Cherry Blossom 10K

My first Cherry Blossom 10K