Week 42

Race Week #3!!!


One last race week in this year of recovery. At least this one was a little warmer than the last two. I didn’t have to worry about the water delivery freezing before the big event or about heating 100 gallons of hot chocolate before the first runners crossed the finish line. The unfortunate timing of this race put it two days after National Doughnut Day which always falls on the first Friday in June. Due to a few scheduling issues in May, it also happened to be two days after the first Friday with live music and pizzas made to order on the bakery’s patio. By the time the race started, I had been put through the ringer so many times that this event became the easiest part of the whole week.

On Friday morning, I started frying doughnuts at 3am and didn’t finish until sometime around 8am. I’m pretty sure it was one of the highest volume doughnut days I’ve had at the bakery, if not the highest. Doughnut Day started to recognize the “Donut Lassies” a group of women from the Salvation Army who gave out doughnuts to the troops in World War II. Now, customers start calling weeks ahead of the big day, asking what we’re giving away for free.

After I finished with doughnuts, I headed to a lake in North Jersey where I met with Chris who would be coaching me to help overcome my fears of swimming in open water. With him by my side, I actually swam (not backstroked) 850 yards in the lake without having a panic attack. It was a bit of a breakthrough moment for me. I learned how to stay calm.

As soon as I returned to the bakery, I started working on pizza prep for music night. Last Friday I made 54 dough balls and sold out of pizza in 90 minutes but there wasn’t music. This week I prepared for 90, thinking that was an insane amount of pizza. The most I ever made last year for music night was 28 pies. At 7:03pm, I sold the last of the pizzas. I was on hour 16 at the bakery and I still had to bake sourdough bread for the farmer’s market before I could call it a night.

With Hillary as my co-director and Jessica organizing all the behind the scenes logisitcs at the bakery, all I had to do on Saturday, while they were handling packet pick up, was make and box the doughnuts. After last year’s Branch Brook Park 5K, I thought it would be fun to have boxes filled with doughnut holes. The ‘holes’ are actually squares of dough that more likely resemble beignets. This concept allowed me to make multiple different doughnuts and topping…chocolate & vanilla dough with powdered sugar, sprinkles and cinnamon sugar. I made one final request for volunteers to help with the doughnut production and I got the best helping hands ever. We finished shaping, frying, topping and boxing all 850 containers in record time. I was able to lock up and go home before the sun went down.

Race day arrived. Josie got up early and sat in the passenger seat of my car at 5am, afraid I was going to leave for the park without her. Brad brought the rest of the kids closer to the starting time so they wouldn’t have to wait around for too long. This would be their 10th finish line on medal detail. They’re pros.


When Hillary and I arrived at the park, there were no barricades set up to block traffic. The garbage cans were overflowing and the porta potties had not arrived. It was the opposite of what we arrived to find last year. We started preparations and hoped for the best. We sent our friends out to use their cars to block traffic in downtown Newark - not an easy feat! By the time people starting arriving en masse, the police and the parks had everything in order. It all came together.

By 11am, it was over, the cars were packed and we were on our way home. Sunday proved to be the easiest (and most rewarding) day of the week. I spent the remainder of it in a puddle on the living room floor, incapable of moving more than a few inches.


Weekly Training Log

Monday: OFF


SWIM: 1675 yds


BIKE 45:00 Recovery Ride

SWIM: 970 yds in the lake!!! I swam further than I did in my race in roughly 6 minutes less than it took me last week. I am determined to conquer my fears.


SWIM 1650 yds


SWIM 850yds in the lake!!! Twice in one week!!


RUN 45:00 recovery run