Week 43



“Brad, have you seen my bike shoes? They were under the sofa in the clubhouse and I can’t find them.”

“Yeah, I think they’re in a milk crate in the back. I moved everything when we set up packet pick up for the race last week.”

“I unpacked every milk crate. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked in the basement. I thought they might still be in the car from my race but they’re not. Then I thought they could be in my duffle bag but they’re not there either. I ran out of time to get my ride in. I had to use an old pair of shoes and cut it shorter than I planned. I’m worried I won’t have anything to race in this weekend if I can’t find them.”

“OHHHH…I remember where I put them. They’re in the freezer.”

“The freezer?”

“The freezer. They smelled bad so I put them in the freezer.”

For some reason, I didn’t think to check the freezer for my bike shoes but now I know not to ever rule it out.

Weekly Training Log


BIKE: 60:00


RUN: 5x1K


SWIM 1550 yds in the lake! Longest swim in open water, ever! And I completed in in the same time it took me to “swim” 750yds in the Chesapeake Bay


RUN: Fartleks - 3, 5, 7


PIZZA: 110 pies sold out in 90 minutes!



A week ago, upon the urging of a few people who make this an annual event, I signed up to complete the Wyckoff Triathlon. I didn’t intend to race so much as I wanted more practice in the water. I decided drinking from a firehose was my best bet.

The race started at 6:45am. I arrived at 5am and found many runners from our club in the transition area. It was relaxed and friendly, the air was cool…perfect morning for a race. I managed to swim to the first buoy and back before the race started. I felt calm.

My swim was not pretty. I didn’t panic this time but there were so many people in the water, I kept getting kicked or I would run into someone. I stopped a lot to find another way through. I let people swim around me so I could have more space. I kept my face in the water. I never once thought about turning on my back. When I made it back to the beach, I could see people from my wave still in the water. The waves behind me were still far from finishing. I was actually in the race.

The bike ride was beautiful. I tried to keep an even pace and enjoy being on the roads. I rode 17 miles back to the transition area where I swapped my shoes out and started the 5 mile run. I kept telling myself, it’s just a Saturday long run…just 45 minutes on the road with lots of company. Right foot, left foot. I didn’t glance at my watch once. It felt like I was keeping a 9:30-10:00 pace. My legs were heavy and there were no shortage of hills to climb. My calfs were cramping. My butt hurt. I was so happy and grateful to be running.

Just before the race, my friend Yale told me once I passed mile 4, the hills were over. I saw the mile marker and decided to see what I had left to give. I turned a corner and saw people with medals. One of them told me it was a quarter mile to the finish. I picked up the pace a little more.

After I finished, packed up my things and headed back to the car, I looked at my watch. Somehow, I managed to run the last mile at a 7:15 pace and the other miles weren’t as slow as I thought. When the results were posted later on Saturday evening, I discovered that I was 4th in my age group…the 27th woman to cross the finish line, 189 out of 438 men and women to complete the race. I’ve made progress in the last two weeks!